Sunday, June 24, 2012

Synopsis for Beneath the Aspens

I have been working on the synopsis for the next book I plan to publish, Beneath the Aspens. Here is what I have come up with so far. I am hoping it sounds intriguing.
The ever feisty and somewhat tom-boyish, Kay Mason’s steady life has just been up heaved. Her Uncle has died and left his massive ranch, in the untamed Montana territory, to her father. Choosing to move from their substantially smaller ranch in Missouri was a difficult choice, especially when Kay secretly accepted the handsome Trevor McCall’s rather strange proposal. Now she is left full of questions. But, when she takes in her first glimpse of their beautiful Ranch, settled next to the surreal Flathead Lake, it leaves her feeling buoyant and hopeful. So does Ash Mason, a peculiarly, striking Salish man who was abandoned as a boy and taken in by her soft hearted uncle.

Plagued by the prejudice of many in town, Ash Mason has to settle as the foreman to double M, rather than the benefactor like his adopted father, Hank Mason, desperately wanted for him. Ash has no memory of his life before Double M. However, the recesses of his mind are haunted by something akin to deep responsibility and overwhelming expectations, making him rather hesitant to try and remember anything. In fact, Ash is content with his life on the Double M, satisfied to be the strange savage who doesn’t fit in anywhere else but when ranching. But with Kay Mason around his rather comfortable life seems to quickly unravel. She sparks emotion and feelings in him that Ash never dared to feel before--never believed he would have the opportunity to feel. Though he is drawn to her, Ash knows that because of his Native American blood no one in the dusty town of Whitefish will accept their relationship. He could risk more than Kay’s feelings if he acts upon his strong feelings towards her, he could be hanged.


  1. I love the cover you have chosen! Where did you go to get this picture?

  2. This isn't the cover. Just a fun photo of aspens. I am working on the cover and after I get that finished I will publish the book.


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