Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Patch of Heaven.

         I'm going on vacation! What does this mean to you?  It means that I will be writing my little heart out...that's what it means!  My kids can play with their dad, and grandparent's, on the four wheelers and golf carts till their hearts content, and I can have some peace and quiet to dig deep in to my erratic imagination.
         I can't wait to sit out on the shady porch of my in-laws picturesque cabin, curled up with my laptop named, Steve, and write (Don't tell my husband about Steve, please.  He might get jealous).  I plan on getting lost in this little corner of heaven.  This patch of the amazing Southwest is what inspired the location of my book, Collide.  I love the feel the richness of the culture, and fall off the grid, literally.  I hope and plan on being inspired while working on the second book to Collide, Immix.  Oh, beautiful, red rock mesa's, flowering cacti, and papery juniper trees, I'll see you soon! 

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