Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just for Fun

I have had many friends tell me who they think should play Ebon or Phaedra if Collide was ever made into a movie.  Now I know this is really far fetched but it has made me think of which actors and actresses may possibly look a little like how I picture the characters in Collide.  Here are a few of who I think.  Feel free to comment on my Annette AnthonyFB page of who you think.   FOR EBON...
Michael Hudson (Crooked Arrows)
Ryan Cunningham...( Not very well known, however I like his resume! 
Or Gus Carr? (Bring it on, All or Nothing)
Michael Hudson is one whom my sister-in-law just  scouted out.  He is totally Ebon to me. Ryan Cunningham has Native American blood in him.  I am thinking you can just dye his hair black and you are good to go.  He's certainly making a face expression that Ebon would make.
Gus Carr is Part Cherokee.  I think he could be Ebon as well.  I know which one I lean towards...I think.  Who do you think? 
Alexandrea Daddario (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.)
India Eisley (She has been cast in the 2014 Disney film Maleficent as a younger version of the witch Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie).
Dominique HinestrosaDominique HinestrosaDominique
Q'Orianka Kilcher (New World)

Vanessa Hudgens (Can she loose the High School Musical?  I think she can.)
 Q'Orianka is totally Native American and was in the movie, New World at the age of 15. Vanessa Hudgens also has Native American blood in her.  I like all of them for different reasons.  What is your vote?  Or who else do you think?
Oh, how fun it is to cast my fantasy movie.