Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just for Fun

I have had many friends tell me who they think should play Ebon or Phaedra if Collide was ever made into a movie.  Now I know this is really far fetched but it has made me think of which actors and actresses may possibly look a little like how I picture the characters in Collide.  Here are a few of who I think.  Feel free to comment on my Annette AnthonyFB page of who you think.   FOR EBON...
Michael Hudson (Crooked Arrows)
Ryan Cunningham...( Not very well known, however I like his resume! 
Or Gus Carr? (Bring it on, All or Nothing)
Michael Hudson is one whom my sister-in-law just  scouted out.  He is totally Ebon to me. Ryan Cunningham has Native American blood in him.  I am thinking you can just dye his hair black and you are good to go.  He's certainly making a face expression that Ebon would make.
Gus Carr is Part Cherokee.  I think he could be Ebon as well.  I know which one I lean towards...I think.  Who do you think? 
Alexandrea Daddario (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.)
India Eisley (She has been cast in the 2014 Disney film Maleficent as a younger version of the witch Maleficent (played by Angelina Jolie).
Dominique HinestrosaDominique HinestrosaDominique
Q'Orianka Kilcher (New World)

Vanessa Hudgens (Can she loose the High School Musical?  I think she can.)
 Q'Orianka is totally Native American and was in the movie, New World at the age of 15. Vanessa Hudgens also has Native American blood in her.  I like all of them for different reasons.  What is your vote?  Or who else do you think?
Oh, how fun it is to cast my fantasy movie.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Just had to push through and get this novel published before the end of 2012!  Click on the book cover to get you to amazon.  26th & 27th the dowload will be free! Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Just a wee bit more tweaking.

If  my poor blog could feel, I think it would say it has felt pretty neglected these past few months, and it would be right.  I have had so much going on that, not because I wanted to, I had to put my love, my passion, my writing aside.  Though I longed to escape and write, I am a mother and wife first.  I had hoped to have two books published by the end of this year, but the year is quickly coming to a close and it doesn't look like that is going to happen.  I thought that my book, Under the Ancient Oak would be ready however it is shaping up to be my paranormal novel, Collide that is taking the forefront.  However, neither book will be published until the beginning of 2013.  I can't wait to let all of you read it.  I love the beautiful, ethereal world that I have created in this Novel, Collide.  I have read through it over a dozen times, and every time I do I love it more and more.  The cover is finally to a point that I really love.  Does it make you wonder? It does me, and I know what the story holds.  I can't stop looking at it!   Soon, so very soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Stepping into the realm of the paranormal has been consuming for me, and I love it. I have always been a fan of the genre, and when I was encouraged by my 11 year old daughter to, " just go for it, mommy,"  I decided I would.  Why not? 
The book is finished...or is it? It is already over 350 pages, and has been groomed for several sequels.  Because, of course, I already have more adventures for the characters of this book festering in my ever crazy mind!  Right now the ending is so blunt, so unresolved that I am toying with the idea of making the novel a couple hundred pages longer...or do I just make it into another book?  Every one loves a cliff hanger...right?   I don't.  I am so confused.  Regardless of what I decide to do, I have already been playing around with the cover page. What do you think?  Is it intriguing?  I know that I have to come up with a good synopsis to really pull a reader in.  A rebellious young woman who is confused, who continuously fights her animalistic urges, who was born from a world that is right in front of her, yet she never knew existed...
  Of course, I will smooth out her eyelashes, and there are several more things I want to do to it.   But, all in all, I am really loving the direction in which the cover is going.   Now I am torn between historical fiction and paranormal.  I will never pick, for they are like my completely opposite children whom I love and adore equally.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shape Shifters?

So I am really in love with the latest world that has been developing in my ever creating mind—one of shape shifters, magic, tradition, legends, and, of course, enduring love.  This genre is so different from the historical or frontier stories I was consumed with for several years.  I wanted to challenge myself.  My mind began to wander to different areas, a realm in which I could expand my imagination even further.  The thing is, no matter what genre I write, my stories will always be about love.  Romance, true romance, the kind that is pure, precious, and believable is what I am a sucker for—it is the whole reason I write, because I am selfish. 

                Recently I finished the first book in this Young Adult, paranormal series and even though I haven’t yet written the other two books, they have played out over and over in my mind.  My poor scatter-brain has already started to toy with the idea of combining these two genre’s paranormal and historical, creating yet another series.   I wish I could just hook the computer up to my brain so that the machine could write out the stories that I have already been thought up instead of my  pethetic fingers doing all the work.  It is a proven fact that I have an incredibly short attention span.  I want to move on, write more, something else, something new and different.  I get board too easily.  If you can't tell, patience is not one of my better traits.  But alas, I promise that I will finish what I have started before I move on, which is four more books.  Once I dive  back into any of the worlds I have created in my mind I get lost once again.  But still, I wish that someone would invent that dang brain computer!  It would be so nice for this girl, one who was raised the world of instant gradification, to have .

                With all the crazy juices flowing in my constantly turning mind you'd think this next subject would be a piece of cake for me.  I, For the life of me, can't think of a name for this first book and the whole series!  I had, at one point, named it Shift, but during my latest escapade to Barnes and Noble I found three books in the YA section with that name.  It was then that it hit me, ‘How simple it is to name a  story about shape shifters, SHIFT, DUH!’  Now I am at a loss.  I want something catchy, and cleaver—something different.  Never fear...I will do it!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beneath the Aspens is now ready!

I am so excited to say that Beneath the Aspens is now ready!
Sunday night my little family and some good friends of ours packed up a picnic dinner and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon here on the Wasatch front.  Although the outing was so much fun, I did, however, have an ulterior motive.  We went with some of our really good friends for the purpose of taking some pictures for the cover of Beneath the Aspens.  Though, I think my kids will say that hanging out in the mountains and roasting marshmallows was so worth waiting for about twenty minutes to dress up and take photos.   And to top it off there were so many beautiful pictures to chose from, seriously any one of them could have deemed the cover.  I really had this certain way that I wanted the cover.  I wanted the sun shining through the Aspens with a couple silhouetted.  But just like many things in my life, I had to change that idea   because we were up in the mountains and the sun was not actually available.  It was settling in the west, over several mountain peaks. I was so glad that it was because I am very pleased with how everything turned out.  I was so happy to get such lush pictures of the greenery and crisp, white aspen trunks, along with great photos of my good friend Hailey.  Here is the final result of the cover. 
Just so you know, Hailey doesn't really have red curly hair. She has dark, brunette, hair, but my character in the book does have red curly hair. Thank heavens for photo shop and my great friend Elizabeth for designing the cover! The minute we put red hair on Hailey she was no longer Hailey but Kay, the girl from my book! It is so crazy to look at this girl because she looks nothing like Hailey now. Oh, and thank you to my other very good friend Rachel for letting us take pictures of your beautiful red hair and cropping it onto Hailey.  I really do have some very good friends in my life.  Without them I wouldn't have such a wonderful book cover.   

Monday, July 9, 2012

Inspiring Places

  One of the many things that inspire me is nature.  I am inspired to paint, inspired to write, inspired to create jewelry when I observe all the beautiful, mysterious, strange and amazing places on this earth.  This past week our family packed up our trusty, little, mini-van and headed south.  We overloaded with water, goodies, first-rate books, and, of course, our cameras.  First stop for the Anthony brood; Arches National Park--the first thing I wonder when I see these beautiful and stunning arches are…what in the world did the pioneers think when they stumbled upon these crazy wind eroded formations?  And second, I want to write a story about it.  A story about an ambitious young woman in the early 1800’s who somehow gets caught up in something out of her control.   Somehow she has to head to the open territory of Mexico to find her pa (or something like that) and she stumbles upon this ethereal place.  Would she think she ended up in another world all together?  There are so many places to hide, so many cracks and crevasses, so many bizarre formations--Hidden pools, caverns, and red rock mesa’s, it is so mysterious and so beautiful, and so many things could happen there.  Yes, I think I would like to write about it.

Next stop for the Anthony clan; New Mexico, after you drive through no man’s land of course, and get to the high desert mountain range of southern New Mexico, close to Albuquerque…it is all together stunning! This is where my mother and father-in-law live—out in the middle of nowhere, on a 120 acre ranch up in the mountains. We had so much fun riding ATV’s and beefy golf carts all over their gorgeous land, over mesas, up sandy trails, through craggy pinion treed woods. Last year when we first visited their property I was inspired by the red and yellow rock mesas, soft red sand, Anasazi ruins, colorful flowering cacti, papery juniper trees, and awe inspiring sunsets. So much so that I began to write a story about a girl who ends up living with her Navajo grandparent’s on a reservation.  She quickly learns why she never felt like she fit in with the human race...because she is not human.  It is my first paranormal Y.A. Romance and I am almost finished with the first book. Going back there really helped me kick it into gear, really inspired me, and really made me love my book even more.
Ancient Anasazi ruins with a juniper growing out of it.
Flowering Cacti
Yucca Cacti
Red Mesa

  This time we went to El Morrow National Monument.  THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING!  I think I will have to include this amazing site in my story somewhere, maybe in the second book.  It is this huge jutting rock formation that had the only source of water for over 35 miles around.  At the top are ancient ruins but at the bottom there are hieroglyphics all over this sucker some from the ancient Anasazi that is thousands of years old.  They had no written language and used only pictures to mark the stone.  Then the Spanish EL Conquistadors marked this sucker with their very beautiful hand writing claiming they had been there.  But what is the most amazing to me is the pioneers who marked this puppy.  They must have spent hours willing their craft for their signatures are stunning, perfectly carved, almost like the beautiful wax seals of their family.  What an interesting and very historical place.  I was very much inspired by those who had found this rock and made their mark on it hundreds of years ago.  There is most certainly a story there.
This is from the Spanish Conquistadors over 500 years old. 
These are some ancient hieroglyphics mixed with the square markings from Pioneers.
These photo's do not do them justice.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Synopsis for Beneath the Aspens

I have been working on the synopsis for the next book I plan to publish, Beneath the Aspens. Here is what I have come up with so far. I am hoping it sounds intriguing.
The ever feisty and somewhat tom-boyish, Kay Mason’s steady life has just been up heaved. Her Uncle has died and left his massive ranch, in the untamed Montana territory, to her father. Choosing to move from their substantially smaller ranch in Missouri was a difficult choice, especially when Kay secretly accepted the handsome Trevor McCall’s rather strange proposal. Now she is left full of questions. But, when she takes in her first glimpse of their beautiful Ranch, settled next to the surreal Flathead Lake, it leaves her feeling buoyant and hopeful. So does Ash Mason, a peculiarly, striking Salish man who was abandoned as a boy and taken in by her soft hearted uncle.

Plagued by the prejudice of many in town, Ash Mason has to settle as the foreman to double M, rather than the benefactor like his adopted father, Hank Mason, desperately wanted for him. Ash has no memory of his life before Double M. However, the recesses of his mind are haunted by something akin to deep responsibility and overwhelming expectations, making him rather hesitant to try and remember anything. In fact, Ash is content with his life on the Double M, satisfied to be the strange savage who doesn’t fit in anywhere else but when ranching. But with Kay Mason around his rather comfortable life seems to quickly unravel. She sparks emotion and feelings in him that Ash never dared to feel before--never believed he would have the opportunity to feel. Though he is drawn to her, Ash knows that because of his Native American blood no one in the dusty town of Whitefish will accept their relationship. He could risk more than Kay’s feelings if he acts upon his strong feelings towards her, he could be hanged.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Beneath the Aspens

Here is a little excerpt from Beneath the Aspens, which is almost ready to publish.  I am editing it one last time plus I have to create the cover too.  This story takes place in the vast Montana territory during the late 1800's.  It's about a very spunky girl and a unearthly and intriguing man who doesn't remember his past.  Their love story is a forbidden one, one that even they cannot seem to accept.

Ash sauntered back into the kitchen with a lantern in hand.  He set the lantern on the counter and walked gently up to Kay, taking careful heed not to step on the glass around her.  His piercing gaze was set on hers as he swiftly hoisted her into his arms.  He easily carried her to the kitchen table, gently setting her atop of it.  He’d actually picked her up and carried her! Kay couldn't believe it.  She sat petrified, mouth agape, realizing that the whole thing happened so fast she didn’t have time to even enjoy it.   Then Ash tenderly took one of her bare feet, brushing it off with his work worn hands, inspecting it.  A million tiny shivers trailed up her leg from his attentive touch.  Kay sat in complete awe as he gingerly set her foot down and lifted up her other, inspecting it methodically as well.  The act was so sweet and intimate that she hardly knew she was holding her breath.  He softly let her foot go as his intense gaze returned to her face.  Kay felt her breath escape, still dazed by his tender touch.  
“Your feet seem to be fine, Miss Kay.  Stay put,” he commanded in a husky voice, going  in search of a broom. 
These are the kind of boots I imagine my spunky little Kay wearing.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


This is the beginning of the latest series I have been working on.  The first book is called Shift.  I am so excited about it. It is a young adult series, something totally different than my historical romances.  I was inspired to write it by my eleven year old daughter who wanted me to do a supernatural sort of story for her.  She might have to wait until she is a little older to read some parts though. Please enjoy a section of the first chapter.


Chapter One

“Hey, it’s me. I’m just calling to let you know that Thad ambushed me.  Apparently, this time, he’s really shipping me off to my estranged grandparent’s house in New Mexico.  I don’t even know them, never met them, ever.   Anyways, I just wanted to tell you bye, so…bye.” Phaedra was actually glad that Liam hadn’t answered.  She was afraid that hearing his voice might truly push her over the edge. So, instead, Phaedra continued to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over her eyes, and when she swallowed the lump in her throat wouldn’t budge.  Feeling strangely overwhelmed with this new turn of events she stared out at the Bay.  Phaedra refused to turn her head in her brother’s direction, Thad, who sat next to her while speeding down the Parkway.  Phaedra’s head jerked as he wove in and out of traffic confidently. He was taking Phaedra to JFK International. She truly never believed that he would follow through with his threats, but it was becoming blatantly apparent to Phaedra that he really was.

            Hate, disappointment, and pride engulfed her, so much so, that she couldn’t tell Thad what she really wanted to, and that was that she was sorry for behaving the way she had.  She wanted to cry out, look him in the eyes, and beg him not to do it.  She wanted him to turn his car around and take her home.  She wanted to promise she’d be better, and, she actually wanted to be better.  But Phaedra hadn’t cried, promised, or apologized for anything she’d done in a very long time. If she’d have believed her actions would have driven Thad to this point, she would have never been as rebellious as she had been.  Except, she truthfully thought he’d never follow through with this particular threat, he’d never followed through before. 

            For a long time now Phaedra could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. Thad was never home to stop her and, when he tried, his punishments were miniscule and tolerable.  He was just too busy traveling all over the country running their father’s excelling company to really be a true parental figure to her.  Now he was insisting that she live with their Grandfather and Grandmother Howl on some remote Reservation in New Mexico.  She would do anything to stay with him, anything except tell him so.

            Thad was the only family she really had left.  Now Thad was going to send her to live with perfect strangers?  They might be her grandparent’s but Phaedra wouldn’t know what they looked like.  They hadn’t even come to the funeral.

            “Phaedra,” Thad’s voice broke into her thoughts.  She didn’t budge, didn’t look at him, nor did she answer.  His drastic decision to send her away hurt terribly, and so, like so many times before, she was determined to defy him.

             Phaedra willed her features to stay motionless and unreadable. The sun was hovering over the towering skyscrapers casting flickering geometric shadows across her face.  “I know you don’t think so now but this is for the best. I can’t be there for you like you need, and, you just keep on getting into trouble,” he said in frustration while veering right to exit the Parkway.  “I’d like to have a life of my own you know….one where I didn’t have to worry about you all the time.  I am twenty seven years old and all I ever do is constantly worry about you, Phaedra.  I Worry if you’ve snuck out when you should be home, or if you have skipped out of school while I am at work, or if you’ll come home with another tattoo.  To be honest, Phaedra, I’m surprised that you haven’t turned up pregnant or dead.”

            Phaedra winced.  Thad’s last remark cut through her.  Mechanically, Phaedra turned her head to look at him, a deep scowl creasing her beautiful features. 

            “The kids you hang out with…Phaedra.  Why?  It’s just not fair to me.” Thad questioned in frustration.  He paused while waiting for a response from his little sister but when he didn’t receive one he let out a sigh, and in a more somber manner, went on.  “I should have just sent you to live with them right after mom and dad died.  I don’t know what I was doing thinking I could be your legal guardian.  I was so young then.  I am still too young for this sort of thing.”

            The tears she had been fiercely holding back finally spilled over her cheeks.  Phaedra wiped at them in frustration turning away from him again, glaring out the window with a dark scowl.  She was hurt that he didn’t want her, hurt that he had given up on her.

            “What is this?  Are you crying?” Thad said in surprise. “I didn’t think Phaedra cried.” 

            Phaedra pulled her hoodie up and turned her head as far as it would go making sure that her brother couldn’t see any part of her face.   Then she placed the earplugs to her iPod in her ears and cranked up the music.  She was sorely wounded that he would assume the worst of her.  Sure she was drawn to unusual people, she couldn’t help that she liked eccentric types, they were interesting to her.  It always seemed that wherever she went she was drawn to trouble.  But, she was more of an observer than a participant, and it hurt that he would think she was involved in sex and drugs.  Though she would never discuss such things with Thad, she was still a virgin.   She also detested feeling out of control, so the thought of taking a drug to induce such feelings was not appealing to her.   She let the pain his doubt inflicted seep into her heart and then Phaedra turned the hurt into something she could handle, anger, rage, and disconnect.  In that moment, Phaedra swore never to talk to Thad again.  He was the only true family she had left and he had turned on her when she needed him the most.

            Phaedra knew she was utterly messed up somehow.  She enjoyed things that others did not.   Like some sort of predator she stocked, and preyed on others weaknesses, feeling very satisfied when turmoil broke out.   All her life a struggle had brewed within her, one where she could either answer the call of some instinctual, carnal emotion, or simply not.  She was certain the battle was so much more powerful than what other teenagers around her were going through, but she couldn’t explain why.  How could she tell her brother, or anyone, how she felt, and what she was dealing with when she couldn’t even articulate it?  And if she could they would think her insane.  So she hid behind a defiant mask.  Hanging out with people who were irresponsible took the pain away, or at least dulled it some, and if they entertained her while doing so, the better. 

            Mayhem, drama, tension, and the electricity from a conflict, or a gathering crowd thrilled her something fierce.  Lately, her reaction was becoming more and more reasonable, easier for her to accept.  When both your parents die in a plane crash at the age of eleven, becoming emotionally messed up was something that just happened.  Phaedra never even had the chance to say goodbye.  They had left unexpectedly one winter’s day to see to a family emergency while she was naively sitting in school.  One of  the plane’s engines ignited, crashing into a remote mountain range.  Their bodies were ruined, burned, and dismembered beyond recognition.   In fact, any charred parts of them that were recovered had to be cremated.  Their ashes were spread out over the deep Brackish loughs of Ireland, her father’s beloved home, and the very place they were headed.   Phaedra still kept the note her mother had hurriedly scribbled and left on the kitchen counter in their pent house apartment.  Phaedra, we had to leave to Ireland we will call and explain when we can.  The Millers said you could stay with them until we come back.  Love you, mom and dad.  The nightmares of it all still plagued her.  Lately Phaedra had begun to accept that she was simply different because of this traumatic experience in her life, deciding to let go of her inner turmoil and just give in and accept the fierce pull she felt towards chaos.

            Thad reached across the car daring to put a hand on her shoulder.  The minute Phaedra felt his touch she pulled away, shrugging his hand off.  “I’m sorry, Phaedra.  I just can’t do it anymore,” he said, even though his words fell on deaf ears.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bittersweet is now Published!

I am proud to say you can now download Bittersweet from amazonkindle!  It was a daunting task but I think I figured it all out.  You do not need to have a kindle to download the book.  When you purchase Bittersweet amazon offers free apps for any of your reading devices, ipad, blackberry, droid, etc...  I am so excited for all of you who have been asking to read it to finally be able to read it.  I would appreciate it if you shared this link with others, and, even if you could give the book a 'good' or at least 'nice' review.  Happy reading! Click here to buy your copy of Bittersweet for romantics every where like me!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bittersweet Cover

Had my good friend help me today.  We went out into the field by our neighborhood and took a bunch of photos.  I took the pictures and she posed.  All our kids sat in the mini van at this dead end street wondering what thier crazy moms where doing this time. It's okay we cracked the windows and gave them plenty of water. It was fun and quick.  So I don't think we tortured the kids too much this time.

  Thanks to photo shop we whipped up this cover for Bittersweet! I love it!  I hope the wasatch mountains can pass for the Rockies, because the story takes place in Colorado. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Query for Bittersweet

I have had so many ask me if they can read my writing.  Most of my friends and family know that the stories in my head consume me. So... I am working on self publishing my most finished of all my books.  Bittersweet.    I have to admit this is hard for me.  It is like placing my heart, a piece of me, out on the alter so others can look at it.  But I love to see the reaction of those who have read it and love it.  So what the heck.  It still needs a little work. But I can promise  that it will be soon.  This is the short blurp.  Like the one that would go on the back of the book.

*In the year 1871 the presumptuous Miss Bethany Swenson would have never imagined that by simply writing in her journal, as her mother always nagged her to do, might just be the key in snaring the man she has been obsessing over since she first set foot in the newly established town of Denver.   Finally, she yields to her pride deciding that the best thing to do is to write down all her stirring feelings and experiences, for she dares not share them with anyone.  While writing in her journal Bethany sheepishly pen’s down clues that aid in unraveling a mysterious murder which occurred long before.   It doesn’t seem to hurt that Bethany may be slowly winning over the mysterious James O’Brien with her sugary confections as well.  What a whirlwind life in Denver has been for Bethany, one of the four beautiful daughters of the town’s only banker.  Bethany is quickly learning that living in the untamed territory of Colorado can indeed be bittersweet.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Divine Intervention

Writing my fifth book and it is so different from all the others.  It's a young Adult series.  I have to say that I am so in love.  I stay awake at night thinking, and day dreaming about my character's.  About how and why they will love each other.

 Why are we drawn to particular person? Why does it seem like the heavens part, the stars align, and a special soul, one that can evoke such unearthly feelings, is placed before us?  I believe that there has to be a divine intervention.  I think that with this new story which is seeping its way into my heart, I think that it will have a heavy sprinkling of divine intervention...with a twist.

Here is just a little preview of what I have been writing.

Feeling too anxious to really take a nap, Phaedra grabbed the sketchpad and colored pencils she had packed earlier.  If anything could calm her trouble mind it was this, creating.  As Ebon sat quietly in the Kitchen Phaedra listened to his steady breathing and she could picture his perfect face to exactness. With precise pressure her hands willed each colored pencil to form contour and lines that quickly started to take character.  The minutes easily passed as she lost herself in the sketch.  Before Phaedra knew it she was adding the finishing details to Ebon’s intense ochre eyes and profound dimension to his angular features, when the crunch of tires rounding against gavel touched her ears.