Monday, July 16, 2012

Beneath the Aspens is now ready!

I am so excited to say that Beneath the Aspens is now ready!
Sunday night my little family and some good friends of ours packed up a picnic dinner and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon here on the Wasatch front.  Although the outing was so much fun, I did, however, have an ulterior motive.  We went with some of our really good friends for the purpose of taking some pictures for the cover of Beneath the Aspens.  Though, I think my kids will say that hanging out in the mountains and roasting marshmallows was so worth waiting for about twenty minutes to dress up and take photos.   And to top it off there were so many beautiful pictures to chose from, seriously any one of them could have deemed the cover.  I really had this certain way that I wanted the cover.  I wanted the sun shining through the Aspens with a couple silhouetted.  But just like many things in my life, I had to change that idea   because we were up in the mountains and the sun was not actually available.  It was settling in the west, over several mountain peaks. I was so glad that it was because I am very pleased with how everything turned out.  I was so happy to get such lush pictures of the greenery and crisp, white aspen trunks, along with great photos of my good friend Hailey.  Here is the final result of the cover. 
Just so you know, Hailey doesn't really have red curly hair. She has dark, brunette, hair, but my character in the book does have red curly hair. Thank heavens for photo shop and my great friend Elizabeth for designing the cover! The minute we put red hair on Hailey she was no longer Hailey but Kay, the girl from my book! It is so crazy to look at this girl because she looks nothing like Hailey now. Oh, and thank you to my other very good friend Rachel for letting us take pictures of your beautiful red hair and cropping it onto Hailey.  I really do have some very good friends in my life.  Without them I wouldn't have such a wonderful book cover.   

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