Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Two of my Montana Tree Series Released Tomorrow!

Every summer they would secretly meet under the ancient oak, easily becoming the best of friends.  Even though, at first, they didn’t speak the same language, they communicated in their own special way.  As children, they would laugh and play in the vast wilderness, building a forbidden friendship.  As they grow, so does their deep devotion and understanding.  There is no one else meant for them but each other.
Nevertheless, being together is not easy.  They are from different worlds, and a from a time where so many outside forces are determined to tear them apart.
       Do they have the strength to stay together?
Can a forbidden love conquer so many obstacles while existing in the cruel and untamed territory of the wild frontier?  
Or can Victoria and Henry find that when it comes to matters of the heart, there is no such thing as diversity?

Under the Ancient Oak, is a beautiful, thought provoked love story, filled with romance, loss, murder, treachery, deceit, and devotion.   
***In honor of Under the Ancient Oak being released tomorrow (7/11/13), Beneath the Aspens (the first book in the series) and Bittersweet(A Historical Romance) will be free to download (7/11-7/13)!  Follow any of my book links here on this blog to get to Amazon.  

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