Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Shape Shifters?

So I am really in love with the latest world that has been developing in my ever creating mind—one of shape shifters, magic, tradition, legends, and, of course, enduring love.  This genre is so different from the historical or frontier stories I was consumed with for several years.  I wanted to challenge myself.  My mind began to wander to different areas, a realm in which I could expand my imagination even further.  The thing is, no matter what genre I write, my stories will always be about love.  Romance, true romance, the kind that is pure, precious, and believable is what I am a sucker for—it is the whole reason I write, because I am selfish. 

                Recently I finished the first book in this Young Adult, paranormal series and even though I haven’t yet written the other two books, they have played out over and over in my mind.  My poor scatter-brain has already started to toy with the idea of combining these two genre’s paranormal and historical, creating yet another series.   I wish I could just hook the computer up to my brain so that the machine could write out the stories that I have already been thought up instead of my  pethetic fingers doing all the work.  It is a proven fact that I have an incredibly short attention span.  I want to move on, write more, something else, something new and different.  I get board too easily.  If you can't tell, patience is not one of my better traits.  But alas, I promise that I will finish what I have started before I move on, which is four more books.  Once I dive  back into any of the worlds I have created in my mind I get lost once again.  But still, I wish that someone would invent that dang brain computer!  It would be so nice for this girl, one who was raised the world of instant gradification, to have .

                With all the crazy juices flowing in my constantly turning mind you'd think this next subject would be a piece of cake for me.  I, For the life of me, can't think of a name for this first book and the whole series!  I had, at one point, named it Shift, but during my latest escapade to Barnes and Noble I found three books in the YA section with that name.  It was then that it hit me, ‘How simple it is to name a  story about shape shifters, SHIFT, DUH!’  Now I am at a loss.  I want something catchy, and cleaver—something different.  Never fear...I will do it!