Friday, June 15, 2012

Beneath the Aspens

Here is a little excerpt from Beneath the Aspens, which is almost ready to publish.  I am editing it one last time plus I have to create the cover too.  This story takes place in the vast Montana territory during the late 1800's.  It's about a very spunky girl and a unearthly and intriguing man who doesn't remember his past.  Their love story is a forbidden one, one that even they cannot seem to accept.

Ash sauntered back into the kitchen with a lantern in hand.  He set the lantern on the counter and walked gently up to Kay, taking careful heed not to step on the glass around her.  His piercing gaze was set on hers as he swiftly hoisted her into his arms.  He easily carried her to the kitchen table, gently setting her atop of it.  He’d actually picked her up and carried her! Kay couldn't believe it.  She sat petrified, mouth agape, realizing that the whole thing happened so fast she didn’t have time to even enjoy it.   Then Ash tenderly took one of her bare feet, brushing it off with his work worn hands, inspecting it.  A million tiny shivers trailed up her leg from his attentive touch.  Kay sat in complete awe as he gingerly set her foot down and lifted up her other, inspecting it methodically as well.  The act was so sweet and intimate that she hardly knew she was holding her breath.  He softly let her foot go as his intense gaze returned to her face.  Kay felt her breath escape, still dazed by his tender touch.  
“Your feet seem to be fine, Miss Kay.  Stay put,” he commanded in a husky voice, going  in search of a broom. 
These are the kind of boots I imagine my spunky little Kay wearing.