Friday, May 4, 2012

Query for Bittersweet

I have had so many ask me if they can read my writing.  Most of my friends and family know that the stories in my head consume me. So... I am working on self publishing my most finished of all my books.  Bittersweet.    I have to admit this is hard for me.  It is like placing my heart, a piece of me, out on the alter so others can look at it.  But I love to see the reaction of those who have read it and love it.  So what the heck.  It still needs a little work. But I can promise  that it will be soon.  This is the short blurp.  Like the one that would go on the back of the book.

*In the year 1871 the presumptuous Miss Bethany Swenson would have never imagined that by simply writing in her journal, as her mother always nagged her to do, might just be the key in snaring the man she has been obsessing over since she first set foot in the newly established town of Denver.   Finally, she yields to her pride deciding that the best thing to do is to write down all her stirring feelings and experiences, for she dares not share them with anyone.  While writing in her journal Bethany sheepishly pen’s down clues that aid in unraveling a mysterious murder which occurred long before.   It doesn’t seem to hurt that Bethany may be slowly winning over the mysterious James O’Brien with her sugary confections as well.  What a whirlwind life in Denver has been for Bethany, one of the four beautiful daughters of the town’s only banker.  Bethany is quickly learning that living in the untamed territory of Colorado can indeed be bittersweet.

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