Saturday, April 28, 2012

Divine Intervention

Writing my fifth book and it is so different from all the others.  It's a young Adult series.  I have to say that I am so in love.  I stay awake at night thinking, and day dreaming about my character's.  About how and why they will love each other.

 Why are we drawn to particular person? Why does it seem like the heavens part, the stars align, and a special soul, one that can evoke such unearthly feelings, is placed before us?  I believe that there has to be a divine intervention.  I think that with this new story which is seeping its way into my heart, I think that it will have a heavy sprinkling of divine intervention...with a twist.

Here is just a little preview of what I have been writing.

Feeling too anxious to really take a nap, Phaedra grabbed the sketchpad and colored pencils she had packed earlier.  If anything could calm her trouble mind it was this, creating.  As Ebon sat quietly in the Kitchen Phaedra listened to his steady breathing and she could picture his perfect face to exactness. With precise pressure her hands willed each colored pencil to form contour and lines that quickly started to take character.  The minutes easily passed as she lost herself in the sketch.  Before Phaedra knew it she was adding the finishing details to Ebon’s intense ochre eyes and profound dimension to his angular features, when the crunch of tires rounding against gavel touched her ears.

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